FluentValidation in ASP.NET Core - The Only Validation Library you need

Super Important Package for your .NET 8 Apps!

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In this week’s .NET Newsletter, we will focus on learning a super cool and essential package for your .NET projects - FluentValidation.

When it comes to Validating Models and incoming HTTP Requests, aren’t we all leaning toward Data Annotations? Although it can be quick to set up Data Annotations on your models, this approach has a few drawbacks.

It is fine for small projects and POCs. But once you start learning clean code, or begin to understand the SOLID principles of application design, you would just never be as happy with Data Annotations as you were before. It is not a good approach to combine your models and validation logic.

Using data annotations ties your validation rules to your model classes. This can violate the separation of concerns principle, as validation logic is mixed with your domain logic.

So, what’s the solution?

FluentValidation is a powerful open-source .NET validation library that helps you make your validations clean, easy to create, and maintain. It helps you build strongly typed validation rules. It even works on external models that you don’t have access to. With this library, you can separate the model classes from the validation logic as it is supposed to be. It doesn’t make your classes cluttered like Data Annotations do. Also, better control of validation is something that makes the developers prefer FluentValidation.

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